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Technische Konzeptionen des World Model Designs

Wesentliche Ansätze des World Model Designs finden sich in dem Kaleida ScriptX System. [28] Hier finden sich die drei System-Hauptkomponenten:

Modeller - Controller - Presenter

Das wesentliche Design-Kriterium ist die Entkoppelung dieser Komponenten. Diese Ansätze werden im hier vorgestellten Entwurf weitergeführt. In einem solchen MM-System werden die drei Phasen Modeller / Controller / Presenter organisatorisch und codierungstechnisch getrennt.

The model ist a conceptual framework that defines attributes and behaviors for the objects it contains. In a sense, the model represents the simulation's "known universe". The universe is mainly an abstraction, whose concrete elements might consist of a database or a series of computations.

The presenters for the model display it to the user. Presenters allow bitmapped images or other portrayals of objects to appear on the screen. The space that presenters live in is implemented as the SimPresentSpace class, which inherits from the window class.

The controller is the code that connects the model and the presentation. The controller ensures that changes made to the model are reflected in the presentation, and vice versa.

[28] Kaleida ScriptX Design Examples, p. 7 und p. 17

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